I Want To Be ForgottenI finished this last week, but I’ve been blowing off posting it due to focusing on framing art to sell.
There’s a pretty simple message here; not every interesting person you’ve known wants to be included in your life forever.

The Empty Eyes of Mrs. Josephine RabbitI was wanting to make a papercut of a lonely widow.
I researched widows in history and literature and none really inspired me.
Not too long after, I was designing a different papercut and couldn’t remember the name of the farmer that killed Peter Rabbit’s dad (Mr. McGregor).
While looking it up, it occurred to me that Josephine Rabbit was a widow.
This scenario takes place later in her life.

Missy AggravationThis is a papercut from way back in 2012 that I originally designed for a calendar. The calendar fell though and I put all of the cuts I did for it in a folder.
Not long after that, my friend Zak asked if he could have it, so I gave it to him. Back then I didn’t use colored paper and every time I’d go over to his house, I’d see it on his wall and think that I should take it back and color it. I finally did that last week.
Now, I’m no better than Ted Turner ruining old films.

JosephineThis is another small papercut I did trying to determine how to scale it into a larger piece.
I haven’t had much time to make pieces for sale lately because I was selected to include a unique piece in the upcoming John Michael Kohler Art Center Folklore & Legends exhibit.
I’ll post more on that later.
Some time soon, this piece along with more new and old work will be for sale at the Waxwing, and a new place for me, Sparrow Collective!
Look for a post on my Facebook page when they are available for purchase.

I Can See It, But I Can't Feel ItSo many rabbit heads lately.
Perhaps it is because when I wake up, they are in my yard, and when the light is fading, they are in my yard.
My neighbor is an idiot who likes to kill predators and then complains about the population explosion of the things they prey on.

I do like the rabbits, but I also like having saplings and a garden that they don’t eat, so a normal amount of predators would be nice.
The pleasantries of rural living unfortunately come with the occasional redneck neighbor.
There are more rabbit headed characters in my future…

However, this papercut is more about wistful thoughts than rabbits in a carrot patch.

The Nights Are Getting LongerThis is another piece that I designed way back in October.
I did quite a few minor touch up’s and embellishments a few months ago, but this is more or less how it was designed last fall.
Poor mermaid second guessing her choices.
Hearts grow old.

It Comes In SightI made another backlit box for a friend.
This is in a floating frame and the color is translucent vellum.
If you put a light behind it or hang it in a window, it looks like it glows.
This is a simplified version of the poster girl from the Waxwing three year anniversary poster I made.