Gardening At NightApparently some rural Wisconsin folks don’t learn from their mistakes of the past.
This spring, for the second time in three years, my neighbor let someone kill a large population of coyotes and a few foxes on his property adjacent to mine.
Fast forward a couple months and, presto, a giant, and virtually uncontrolled, rabbit population.
We planted a full garden this year that was reduced to nothing but onions and thyme in a matter of weeks.
I made this as kind of a joke, but I decided to try out the double pane of glass idea that I used a while back and it worked well.
Now I just need to try it on a large piece.

It's Time For You To Fade AwayI made this really quickly on a day where I didn’t have anything else to work on.
It’s supposed to represent three conflicting feelings about the mouse.

I’ve been really busy lately and haven’t been able to keep up with posts on here.
These are all things that I’ve been working on.
A month or so ago, Amity Skateboards contacted me to design a board for them. The parameters were right up my alley, “Do whatever you want.”.
I was having trouble incorporating their old logo of a pine tree into the design, so I made a nautical themed logo.
Luckily they liked it and it will be used on the deck.
The heart with the f-holes was just me messing around with ideas.
The blindfolded bunny holding a plant that grows fire is a study for a larger piece on life and fertility.
I’ll post either that one or more letters next.
There will also be a new postcard collection soon. Some of the cards were misprinted and I’m waiting for the corrected order to arrive.

You Shouldn't Mess With MeStrangely enough, this started out with me wanting to try and make skirt with more details.
After the study I did a few weeks ago, I made a small fern papercut as a gift, and I decided that I wanted to use a fern as a bottom border.
Then a broad mix of Japanese and Norse folklore and mythology took over.
This took a long time to cut out because when it was printed, they decided to upgrade the paper quality without asking me and what I got was so dense, that it was very difficult to cut.
Anyway, I think it turned out pretty good despite the setback.
Still, I hope to not use this paper again.

Serenade of YakamiThis is based on the Japanese folk story ‘The Hare of Inaba”.
My loose interpretation portrays Princess Yakami as a child with the hare as her guardian.
This is one of the few things I’ve made where nothing unpleasant is foreshadowed.

All's Well That EndsI was going to try and attempt to enter a Strathmore Paper contest, but after this trial, I’m not sure the detail is going to work for me.
I’ll give it another shot after I cut colored paper for two other cuts I finished last week.

The Sweet Teeth A - FLast week I had my latest design printed so I could cut it out.
As if often the case, the woman didn’t understand my printing preferences and decided that she’d give me a deal and print it on extra thick, high quality paper.
Unfortunately for me, the medium she choose made them very difficult and time consuming to cut out.
In addition, it made taking them to work, to work on (I have a day job) unreasonable.
So I had a lot of time to kill at work since I had planned to work on this new large papercut.
As a joke I made a sad armadillo with a big ‘A’ behind it.
I was amused enough to continue through the letter’L’ and started cutting them out that night.
Slightly less than a week later, I’m up to ‘F’.
Sadly, I’m more eager to get back to cutting out my designs than continue with the alphabet, but I did storyboard up to ‘Z’…
… maybe later this year.