Our Love Was A RuinThis had many (many) titles before I settled on this one.
I was listening to a lot of  the National and the Sandwitches while I was designing it.
Moving on…
Only a few more for the Art Bar ‘tiny art’ show and then I will to need to start on the Waxwing seasonal art show.
I have about a dozen things on the back-burner, but no time to complete them.
Woe is everything.
Hopefully postcard boxes will present themselves next week.
Anyway, thanks for looking….

Postcard Boxes: Volumes 1-3I took a break from making work for the “tiny art” show so that I could finish designing fronts and backs for collections of my postcards.
I decided to use original art that I hadn’t used for other purposes before and Katurah and I finalized the design and layout over the weekend.
Each volume will contain 10 sequential postcards & envelopes, plus the front and back cards and will housed in an acrylic box similar to most card collections. All postcards are the same as the ones I have for sale with the exception of #1, which is out of print, and #21, which was a limited edition.  They will contain slightly different reprints of those two.
With luck, these should be for sale in about 2 weeks.
See a larger image here.

Grief Laid It's Heavy Hand The idea for this came to me yesterday while I was Googling “Internal Whale Organs”.
Years ago I made a papercut of a little kid by a campfire inside of whale and I wanted to remake it in a style more representative of the work I do now. In my original I just used a cartoon bubble void for the kid to be sitting in, but I was curious if the actual shape of a whales stomach could be used instead. For some reason generic teeth kept popping up among the images of whale stomachs. Eventually I though to myself, “What would live inside a tooth?” and I amusingly answered the thought with, “dead faeries”. I couldn’t shake the idea, so I made one.
I was watching “Number Please” by Harold Lloyd last night. In the beginning he is lonely and riding a roller-coaster by himself.
The title of this was in the description of how he was feeling.

Hate, It Follows You EverywhereAfter I finished this, I had to look in one of my many symbolism reference guides what color best represented ignorance. The answer is orange.
You may notice the orange ribbons in the girls hair.
I’m sure we all know someone very frustrating. This is one of mine.
Rather than grumble, I’m glad to be free of the hopelessness.
Yep, more ‘tiny art’ for the Art Bar show.
My goal is 15 pieces (this is 7).

The Rainbow Is GoneAt 2″ x 3″, this is probably one the smallest things I’ve made. I have a couple things close to this size and I still may use one frame that is smaller than this if I can come up with a good idea for it, but this will be the smallest framed piece I’ve had for sale so far. As with the last few, this will be for the “tiny art @ tiny prices” Art Bar show.
I played around with many different color variations for this and decided that less color was better.
The title has nothing to do with that process. I was talking about 78’s that I’m looking for with Katurah and ‘Love Is Blue’ came up.
After speaking about it, I’ve been listening to it a lot.
It’s a great song, especially in French.

Familiars CaveatAnother piece for the “tiny art @ tiny prices” Art Bar show next month. This one will be in a normal frame. It measures 4″ x 3″.
This is representing my spin on some Ēostre folklore and Catholic persecution..
Basically, Ostara’s hare is foretelling the Burning Times and warning it’s relations.
I wanted to put something on the pennon, but this is just too small.