The Winter My Heart FrozeThis is a partial remainder of a calender I had been working on back in 2012. I was going to do the images for 6 months and the cover. Originally this border of squirrels, rib cages & feathers was going to be the cover and there was a different image in the center. Shortly after I finished the papercuts for the individual months, the project fell through and I parted ways with the partner creating the other 6 months. Over December of 2012 I changed the image in the center and cut this out. Right after I finished it, I was commissioned to create an elaborate tour poster that took me a few months to do and this got filed away and forgotten. I was organizing some paper on my floor last week (does anyone want to give me a flat file?) and I came across the portfolio case I keep several old papercuts in. Going through everything, I decided I should take this one out, frame it and take it down to the Waxwing.
I have dozens of old papercuts, but the second half of 2012 was when I started making them detailed and elaborate enough that people other than friends might want them. The best of the calender cuts are all gone, so this will probably be the oldest piece of work I ever sell. It’s at the Waxwing now, unless someone bought it Saturday or Sunday.

Fall 2014 postcardsI just got home from a fun night at the Waxwing Fall Art Showcase. I was going save this for Monday, but the tea I drank for the ride home is keeping me awake. I ordered the first 8 images (click for larger image) above as new postcards and I should hopefully have them by next weekend and for sale shortly after.
I ordered second editions of the bottom two as well. The bottom left image was my very first postcard that I sent out in 2012 and the bottom right was a post card created exclusively for an Indiegogo campaign. To keep the originals unique, these will be on a different card stock than the originals and the backs are going to be different. The back of the black and white card originally didn’t have a space for the address and the Indiegogo card was originally in full color on both sides. These re-prints will have the same scheme as the rest my postcards and a ‘B’ will be added to their serial number.
I will never be collectible, but just in case, take care of your ltd. ed. originals!
I am still trying to source just the right kind of postcard box containers to have 3 different collections of 10 available soon.
Hopefully they will be completed by the holidays.
Have a nice weekend.

What Else Can We BreakI dreamed this up a long time ago. I wasn’t happy with my initial design and forgot about it like many, many others. I generally make about 1 out of every 5 things I design. When the doldrums strike and I can’t think of anything, I go back through all of my rejects. I’m not sure what didn’t pass the muster initially with this dreamed still-life heartbreak. I may have been too focused on the color red. That happens. I have a feeling and it needs to be represented in exactly the way that I need it to be, instead of the way that it lends itself. I’m such a dork about symbolism that I sometimes let it get in the way. For this, I’m sure it was the color red. I needed it to be there. I needed someone to be guilty when in fact, no one was. Thank you, time, for letting me kick my symbolical crows. Instead of this being lumped in my group of misdeeds, it will now be slotted in the genre of my “passage of time” pieces.
I love passage of time symbolism…

Available WorksI took 9 new pieces to the Waxwing today. This photo was everything that was available when I was there a few hours ago. I know one, maybe two, are already sold. The piece with the bunny in a gas mask comes with the 78 that I sprayed the image on. Unfortunately I forgot to bring the record with me, so if you are interested in buying it, I should hopefully have the record there by Sunday. You can see the record here.
I have piles of records and wood scrap that I paint on. I’ve given about four of them away to friends, but I thought I’d include one to go along with the papercut because I liked the way the paint stained it.
I also restocked the shop with most of my postcards. I will have new postcards next month and hopefully postcard box collections before the holidays.

the WaxwingI finished my second commission for a business over the weekend.
Steph Davies, who owns the Waxwing in Milwaukee, asked me to design something simple for her that represented the personality of the shop.
She and I both like bird and feather imagery and after a couple of back and forth e-mails of suggested ideas, we decided on this.
I’m looking forward to see how she uses it for the shop.

HelenThis website hit 3000 visitors yesterday. I know it’s not much by some peoples standards, but it’s a big deal for me. I’m sure it’s just accidental Google image viewing, but I love to see the random countries pop up.  The most recent are Croatia and Tunisia. Another curiosity for me is why Brazil is the #3 country to view this page. It has 3 times as many as 4 & 5 (Germany & the UK).
I made this quickly this morning so I could have something to include with this post. I got the idea while listening to ABBA & John Cale. I often listen to ABBA in the morning because when I open iTunes they are right at the top while I’m deciding on what to play next. Today, the song just fit…
Happy Women’s Equality Day!

Human NatureMore silly knock off papercuts. I went to a wonderful harvest party on Saturday. We left so we could watch the Doctor Who premier.
This is an imagined attendant at the harvest party dancing with a Dalek scarecrow.
I feel like we should have stayed at the party because it featured a live band; and no matter what, live music is better than recorded television.