I Can Tell I'm Not Dreaming / Half Past TwoI’ll be working on a large papercut for a while so I decided to post two small things.
The one on the left is a study for the large piece I’ll be working on. The finished character will have different hands, ears and skirt.
The piece on the right is something I made really quickly as a gift for a baby shower. I was trying to use the darker green to simulate thick glass and water. I’m not sure the thick glass element works, but oh well.

I Still Can't Believe You're GoneI had the idea to use two panes of glass to separate individual papercuts a long time ago, but I never got around to designing one.
This weekend I met with a group of artists who I’m going to be working with and the discussion we had inspired me to finally do it instead of continually saying, “next time”.
I know adding a pane of glass isn’t a unique idea or a giant leap, but it is something I’ve wanted to do.
I really like the depth that the heavy shadow under the main cutout creates.
I’d like to experiment with a third pane of glass, but unfortunately, unless I’m making very small cutouts, the amount of glass necessary makes them very heavy.
I look forward to making another one of these.
Now if only I could find some place that makes 4″ diameter custom embossers, I could try another idea…

It's Hard To Begin What You Know Will EndI’m having some web issues.
Sorry if navigating here is troubling over this past week.
I’m working with my webhost on it.
I may have to take it down for a short period.
More later…

Fair Maid / Foul Weather

I’ve been wanting to make something similar to this for over a year. My rough sketches of ideas have ranged from children, to animals, to animal headed people reaching for the kite in the wires. Based on a song I was listening to about a girl in a storm, I decided to take that route. I might try framing this with two pieces of glass and then a background. I’ve never done that before so it may look horrible. We’ll see. That’s pretty far off though because I haven’t framed that last 4 things I’ve made.
I really need a flat file.

Not Every One Moves Beyond Their PastThis will be the last one for a while.
It has been a long time in the making.
If anyone follows me anywhere else (Instagram / Facebook) then you’ll probably recognize this as a theme I was rough illustrating from last summer.
As always, please personally visit the Waxwing and Sparrow Collective for current works for sale.

Rite Of SpringI always enjoy watching all the animals in my yard instinctively pair off and travel everywhere together in spring.
What seems so effortless for them is so difficult for people.
Maybe giant crow feathers will help.

The Dead SoundThis is actually smaller than it looks. It’s about 4″ x 6″.
I’ve been packing up a bunch of old frames and I realized that I have many more small frames than I will ever use.
I had some down time at work the other day and wanted to see if I could quickly make something small.
At first this was going to be a comet, but I couldn’t cut any worthwhile detail in a comet the size of a dime, so I changed it to a moon-like celestial object.