JavelinaI was just drawing swirls and I thought I had turned off my iPod; ¬†faintly in the background I heard Havalina by Pixies playing and so I added one to the tangle. ¬†There you go…

UnbreakableI’d like to get further away from using computers to edit my images before I cut them out, but digital pre-editing is such a time saver. Today was slow and I was sitting at my desk all afternoon waiting on news about my job. The news never came but my doodle got larger and more detailed until I decided to make it cut-out-able.

She's not a girl who misses muchNot much to say about this. ¬†Generically, it’s about motivation, and ghosts.
Motivational ghosts; they aren’t the best muse.

Don't frown, just go sweetly.As much as I like bees and wasps and many bugs in general, they tend to be doomed in my papercuts.
So many pitfalls in their little world.

We Took A Wrong Turn and Made Some Mistakes (wood)Things I learned over the weekend:
1. Sanding causes heat
2. Poly-acrylic softens when it gets warm
3. Softened poly-acrylic will stick to sand paper and rip off in strips.
Another example in ‘the frustratingly slow learning curve of being self taught’ waste bin.