SleipnirAnother experiment from today.  I’m still designing a new chipmunk feeder (I know I’ve been saying that for months) and I think I want to put a Sleipnir image on the facade. Hopefully this weekend I’ll see if I can use the scroll saw to cut it out of wood.  Just in time for all the chipmunks to hibernate.

The Flowers She Said She SentWorking on an idea….and currently on Magnetic Fields song 40 of 159.

This World Is Not My HomeIt’s been a good weekend. I spent this morning designing this and listening to the new Best Coast. I didn’t intend to make something about leaving home when I started it, but that’s how it ended up. Actually right up to the end I had the girl arriving and the seated woman had welcoming food in her hands. Then I took away the food, changed her hands and had the girl leaving instead. I think it makes more sense this way; at least it does to me.  It was probably the music, or maybe the fact that I missed a performance tonight that I really wanted to attend.
It took me 5 hours to cut out. I did it one sitting…my back hurts…
I’m thinking of putting it in a clear frame so I may ditch the vintage paper background.

I Will Crawl Away For Good

The Waxwing show is framed and submitted, postcards have been sent around the country and abroad, the parental visit has passed, White Crowned Sparrows are in my yard again, my cats fur is getting nappy, excess vegetables are rotting on the vine…time to begin the goodbyes to 2013.
Leaf hearts, wrapped in briar hearts, all monitored by wasps.  I haven’t been feeling too revealing for a few months now.  Work out your own interpretations…