Smile And The World Smiles With You

This is just me screwing around at work. I dug out my Looney Tunes DVD box sets the other day to show to a friend who hadn’t seen very many of them. We mainly watched Pepe Le Pew and Daffy Duck which often feature gas masks. This is pretty much a stolen idea from an episode with Bugs Bunny. Since vinyl is black and I’m painting them black I often have to first paint the record with a base color and then paint over it. I always use the same red or light blue because the dry fast and they look good in contrast with black. Due to all the humidity lately, the red didn’t completely dry when painted the bunny. I liked the record label red stain the paint left on the back side so I decided to post all three. I wasn’t sure what to name this so I went with the song title on the flip side since it appropriately fits my usual style.
(you can click the image for a larger view)

Ursidae Boy SpiritI am the featured artist on the 365 Artists page today.  A big thank you to them for asking me to do it. or

Des Jours TristesI was listening to the new album by Yann Tiersen yesterday while reading an article about the current state of the world bee population and this image sort of fell in place.

Chewin' On A WhipI will be busy for the solstice so I’m posting this a day early. I need to make a real solstice eye palladium for myself.
Have a great Midsummer!

Resigned To The SkyThis week is the one year anniversary of the launch of this website. I’ve had over 2500 visitors from 35 countries in that time. I know by web standards that isn’t a lot, but it is still surprising to me. I’d like to thank to Kelly Hogan, Jessica Slavin, Ken Nesbit, Martha Bayne & Steph Davies for helping me get this thing off the ground in the very beginning . A big thank you to the Waxwing for keeping people interested and to my friends for the encouragement.