HelenThis website hit 3000 visitors yesterday. I know it’s not much by some peoples standards, but it’s a big deal for me. I’m sure it’s just accidental Google image viewing, but I love to see the random countries pop up.  The most recent are Croatia and Tunisia. Another curiosity for me is why Brazil is the #3 country to view this page. It has 3 times as many as 4 & 5 (Germany & the UK).
I made this quickly this morning so I could have something to include with this post. I got the idea while listening to ABBA & John Cale. I often listen to ABBA in the morning because when I open iTunes they are right at the top while I’m deciding on what to play next. Today, the song just fit…
Happy Women’s Equality Day!

Human NatureMore silly knock off papercuts. I went to a wonderful harvest party on Saturday. We left so we could watch the Doctor Who premier.
This is an imagined attendant at the harvest party dancing with a Dalek scarecrow.
I feel like we should have stayed at the party because it featured a live band; and no matter what, live music is better than recorded television.

Longfin GentlemanI’ve been busy lately on two different commissions and the headaches of framing up what I’ve already completed.  I’ve got about 6 more designs that are almost finished and ready to start cutting on after a few more alterations. I was asked to make something Lovecraftian recently. I’ve been doodling around on how to combine H.P. Lovecraft with my generally Victorian/folklore/fable tone.  I probably wont be able to get started on it for a while, but this is one of the rough things I’ve been messing around with.

Several people have asked where to get one of the Paradigm t-shirts I designed. They are now available here.

Where Do You Go So Late At NightThis took forever to make.  There were many delays and things I had to deal with that are not very interesting to talk about. I also took a mini vacation to Minneapolis.
So anyway, I was listening to a lot of John Cale and Tindersticks when I designed it almost a month ago. I’m sure if I had finished this earlier, I would have quite a bit more to say.
As much as I like it, I’m kind of glad to have this one behind me.