Get Well Inferior HumanI made this ‘get well’ cut for my friend Bill who recently had some very serious surgery.
Bill also happens to be a Doctor Who fan for what I think is about 35+ years.
This is my first ( and maybe only ) grey papercut, and also my first profiling of a person I know.
Sorry cats, I love you, but you aren’t people.
Speedy recovery Bill!!
(sorry, my scanner was acting up and, yes, this is slightly blurry)

The Mast Will Crack And Your Lungs Will FloodSorry to prematurely post the last image.
This is the version that will be for sale.

The Mast Will Crack And Your Lungs Will FloodI don’t know why, but a lot of semaphore imagery has been plaguing my head lately. When I saw the symbol for “hurricane”, I was hooked.
This is my first ‘floating’ black papercut. I’m normally very (VERY) against them, but it fit.
I’m going to look for a sepia map to use for the background.
If I find one I like, I will re-post the image, but for now, I’d rather keep it generic than post something I can’t actually reproduce.
Goodbye ship that will never return…

The Hum Is ComingMy friend, and talented artist, Zachary Worth asked me if I could make a small tornado papercut for his mom.
I had fun designing and cutting this.
I’ve done several storm clouds before, but it had never occurred to me to make a tornado.
I have designed a lot of windmill scenes and bridge scenes that I was never happy enough with to cut out, so it was nice to get them both out there.
I’m glad to hear Zak’s mom liked it.

Before The Sunshine Left Your EyesI started cutting this on Dec. 26th, but I had to put it down until yesterday and today due to many things.
When I designed this on the 23rd & 24th, I think the holidays were stressing me out as always. That, and listening to Waiting For The Moon too many times.
Hello… new year.