Make Me Whole AgainYep, it’s another ‘capitalizing on the naive’ papercut.
I was looking up natural deterrents for mice the other day.
I was not having much luck so I looked up natural plants that were toxic for them thinking that they might be a good deterrent.  Again, not much luck.
I changed my search from mice to rats and learned that poppy seeds will kill rats.
I though it would be amusing to make an image of someone offering a feeble-minded rat a poppy pod bouquet.
It’s a little difficult to tell, but she is supposed to be holding a tissue in her other hand.

What Was Sent To The Soldiers Wife

I was trying to come up with an idea for a fairy tale interpretation to submit for a local event and this was my first idea. It’s based on the Kurt Weill / Bertold Brecht song of the same name. I decide that this wasn’t “fairy tale” enough so I’m going to try and do something else, oddly enough, based on a different Bertold Brecht song.

I Know How It Feels In The Middle  Of The NightThe Victory Garden Initiative asked me to donate a piece of work again for the Fruity Nutty Affair this year.
This will be for sale as a silent auction along with donations from several other people, businesses and organizations.
Please click the links for more details on the event and the great work they provide for the community.
This will be professionally framed by a local Milwaukee framing shop.

We Both Have Done Some Grieving
I designed this months ago so I could have something large to chip away on while I was in between designing smaller things to make.
If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably seen elements of this over the last month.
My original thinking was to have that story book logo cut into the corner of everything I make that was inspired by folklore or a fairy tale,  however,  to get the detail, it would take up too much room on small papercuts.
Originally, this was in the day time, but I liked the night colors better so I added a moon at the last minute.