All Through The Lonesome NightA while back one of my good friends asked me to make “something with a Hammerhead shark”.
I think they will be good friends.

Whispering RumorsI made this over a month ago and as I was framing it last night I realized that, unless you follow me on Instagram, I never posted it anywhere.
There is a lot going on here that I wont get into.
I prefer people to create their own meaning and significance that makes art applicable to their own life.
Cutting out the tiny piece of translucent vellum to make up the veil was a pain in the neck.
This will be for sale along with about sixteen other pieces at the the Waxwing next Friday.

Raised To WaitThis is the last piece I’m doing for my upcoming show at Waxwing Opening 
I was testing it out in different frames last night and the one I decided to go with has a very deep well for the glass. That means that I would be able to do another double pane if I wanted to.
The problem is that it is 11 x 14 and the frame is already very heavy so I’m not sure adding the weight of even more glass is wise.
We’ll see.
This is about tooth fairies, and birds…and teeth…
…in the country.