SolanineThis is probably my favorite thing that I have made this year.
Solanine is the poison found in all members of the nightshade family. Beware the little bunny harbinger offering you some fresh nightshade (aka heirloom tomatoes).
This is an 8″ x 11″  piece set in 4 art-glass pane layers.

I Am Here And You Are NotI made this in February after a much needed winter break.
I really liked the layered glass pieces I began last summer and they are really all I am interested in making now. This continues with that process. The down side of creating them this way is that it takes two to three times as long to make one, but I feel the resulting depth they have when seen in person is worth the extra time and expense it requires. Basically there is one papercut between each layer of glass. In this one, for instance, there are three panes of glass for the three individual cut pieces. When placed together, it creates a false 3-D effect.
They are also quite heavy.

I made this in January after taking a winter break to spend time with my new daughter. Over the holidays, I had been speaking with someone about commissioning a papercut featuring mermaids. After weeks of mermaid doodles, I somehow came up with this idea. To make it seem more luminous, I cut colored vellum and used a floating frame. It looks great in a window, but unfortunately at night it came out way too dark. I may end up re-framing it with standard paper.