No update for a year and four months? Perhaps you should follow my Instagram that I update more often. I have a show coming up in Port Washington in September.  Details to follow. 

In My Golden DaysThis was inspired by Tuonen Piika and Sielulintu.
It isn’t faithful to the story, but that doesn’t really matter.
No time to write more…

These are the last four of the items I’m taking down to the Art Bar ‘tiny art’ show in Riverwest/Milwaukee for the opening next weekend.
Nine of the eleven pieces I made for the show all take place at night and have similar subject matter.
Also, all but two are double panes and the last one I made (bottom left above) has three panes of glass.
This is still kind of an experimental process for me, but I’m enjoying it, so it’s here to stay for a while.

*(top left was privately sold and will not be in the show)

Rite Of SpringI always enjoy watching all the animals in my yard instinctively pair off and travel everywhere together in spring.
What seems so effortless for them is so difficult for people.
Maybe giant crow feathers will help.