HelenThis website hit 3000 visitors yesterday. I know it’s not much by some peoples standards, but it’s a big deal for me. I’m sure it’s just accidental Google image viewing, but I love to see the random countries pop up.  The most recent are Croatia and Tunisia. Another curiosity for me is why Brazil is the #3 country to view this page. It has 3 times as many as 4 & 5 (Germany & the UK).
I made this quickly this morning so I could have something to include with this post. I got the idea while listening to ABBA & John Cale. I often listen to ABBA in the morning because when I open iTunes they are right at the top while I’m deciding on what to play next. Today, the song just fit…
Happy Women’s Equality Day!

Smile And The World Smiles With You

This is just me screwing around at work. I dug out my Looney Tunes DVD box sets the other day to show to a friend who hadn’t seen very many of them. We mainly watched Pepe Le Pew and Daffy Duck which often feature gas masks. This is pretty much a stolen idea from an episode with Bugs Bunny. Since vinyl is black and I’m painting them black I often have to first paint the record with a base color and then paint over it. I always use the same red or light blue because the dry fast and they look good in contrast with black. Due to all the humidity lately, the red didn’t completely dry when painted the bunny. I liked the record label red stain the paint left on the back side so I decided to post all three. I wasn’t sure what to name this so I went with the song title on the flip side since it appropriately fits my usual style.
(you can click the image for a larger view)

Rimy Weaver Record

I’m in the middle of finishing up a larger papercut and a bigger sized design to cut at a later date and I felt like it had been too long since I posted anything. Since I might not for a little bit, I dug around for something worthwhile…
I mentioned that I have anywhere from 150-200 crappy 78’s that I ended up with one way or another and that I was going to start using them as backgrounds instead of wood. I’ve tried it out with 4. Here is one of them.
The one I made of the Ostara cut for the equinox last week turned out the best, but I thought it would be boring to post the same image twice. I also discovered with the one that I made from the Black Arches cut that they break quite easily.