What's Left To Believe InI was asked when I was very young if I would like to make some easy money at the next State Fair.
A thousand dollars sounds like a mountain of gold and unlimited possibilities when you are a kid.
I said yes.
In the end, there was no money, it certainly wasn’t easy and I was traumatized for a very long time.
After that summer, “easy money” was no longer something I sought out.

It's Alright That You Don't Speak The LanguageThe way some of these cuts happen can be so coincidental that I am often bewildered how a feeling and the end result can be such separate things.
I woke up in a pretty good mood today and wanted to listen to the Orwells while I was getting  ready.
The song ‘Lays At Rest’ came on and I couldn’t figure out some of the lyrics.
Over breakfast I decided to look at their website to see if it had a lyrics section.
It didn’t but on their news page there was an announcement that they were playing on this years Weezer cruise.
This caught me off guard because the last time I was in Chicago I was talking about that very random event.
Thoughts of the conversation stayed with me for awhile and eventually passed as I rushed to get out the door.
On the drive to work I caught myself humming ‘My Head Is In The Sun’ by the Rentals (who I always preferred over Weezer).
I decided to put on their second album (which I think is great & I haven’t heard in ages) while I was doing my morning postal chores.
When the aforementioned song came on, for some reason after hearing the lyrics, I thought of the above image.

And that’s how a catchy pop/punk song about a murder/suicide leads to a song about escaping emotions that leads to art about happily making offerings even though they are misunderstood.

Anyway, in my head, that’s how it played out.

Goodnight CottonNot a very uplifting past few days. Politically, socially, personally and meteorologically speaking.
All that, AND I forgot to celebrate Bastille Day. What’s next…..
Still doing miniatures. I bought 19 frames to put 10 of these in yesterday.
Probably wont sell this one.
Hell On Wheels Season 2 arrived from Netflix today. Season 1 was so awful I’m not really certain why I put it in the queue.
Live and learn. At least the power in my house stayed on.

I Guess This Is The EndStrange things happen when melancholy music shuffles on to your i-pod on a melancholy Friday.
Believe it or not, this is based on a Suede b-side.
Perhaps it’s time to question why I have old Suede b-sides on my i-pod in the first place.

Why Love AnythingI’m not sure who is to blame when happiness unexpectedly kills joy.
I’m not feeling overly wordy about these two right now.

Invasive JaneMy mind lingers. That’s me.
I can’t say much about this other than it is continuing on with my study on invasive species and miniature paper cuts.
This is 4″ x 6″.
It documents the beginning of the English occupation of North America with the very first European invasive species, people.
Of course Asia had their own botanical & terrestrial invasion 50,000 years earlier over the Bering Straits, but for some reason that length of time grants you a “native” classification.