Ursidae Boy SpiritFlipping channels the other night I stopped on Ghost Rider (15 minutes of my life wasted) and it had a scene where the ‘devil’ was talking to Nick Cage about something stupid and when his shadow projected on the background it made a different shape. I first saw this in vampire films and the Simpsons parody of Dracula. It occurred to me that anyone could project anything in paper. I cut out a simple boy and bear and tried it out in positive and negative. I’m not that thrilled with it.
Something to develop in the future maybe.

I Will Not Betray You pt. 1Here is the top half of the drawing I found on my nightstand a few days ago.

Where as the bottom half made a great deal of sense to me, I’m not sure about this one.
I know at the time my oldest cat had more or less stopped eating and it was causing plenty of stress and worry.
Maybe that? Not sure.
I have some other, more symbolic, ideas as well.

I don’t work all next week and since I do the majority of this stuff there, it may be awhile before I post again.
Or not…

Tattoo MkIIA couple months ago a girl I had never met e-mailed me to inquire about me designing a tattoo for her. The design was up to me as long as it contained a few specific elements.
I came up with a design involving some birds perched in a birch forest with a fallen tree.
That cut is now lost, probably not to be found.
I need to remind myself that if I’m going to stick them in magazines, then I should make sure it is a magazine I’m likely to keep.
Oh well.
Anyway, she liked it, but not as a tattoo.
This was my second design.
Again, she liked it, but it was missing something. She suggested that we collaborate on it and that might have a result more preferred to what she had in mind.
I told her (I think) that maybe down the road we could attempt that but I was about to be really busy with other projects.
Around the same time all of this was happening, a good friend contacted me about designing a tattoo for him, and then another and then another…..

Little Red RemedyI made this months ago, but I lost it the day I made it.
Much to my delight, I found it entirely by coincidence tonight.
A few days ago I bought a bunch of colored paper and I decided I’d re-scan this on blue.

I’m really glad I found this. I like it.
Thanks hungover friends for continued inspirations!!

Hand colored with Sharpies!!

Whiskers BlowingI’m still working on phase 2 of my dream the other night, but that’s doesn’t mean I will ignore my mid-day ideas about eating mice.
Not sure where it comes from….
I didn’t draw this today, but rather drew it days ago.
Nothing is serious or meant by it, just rambling things down on paper.

I’m wondering if I should also attach photos of my weird mid-night drawings.
They are not very thought out or detailed, so perhaps not.

I Will Not Betray You Pt. 2If you know me at all, especially if you’ve been (un)-fortunate to live with me, you know my post-conscious mind makes no sense.
I often wake to find things….let’s just say “in a state”.
I’m well versed in the puzzled comments of roommates trying to decipher my ‘on the way to bed’ activities.
Regardless, twilight activity is strong in my family and so it goes…..
I wake to find notes and images I’ve left to myself fairly often.

This week had two images and some phrases.
This is more or less the image I discovered when I woke, except that the original had wings on the spoon.
I’m still working on part 1.

SashikoNot very inspired lately.
Thought I’d hand draw something.
This is what the last two Los Campesinos albums on repeat inspired throughout the day.