Once I Was Bending The Tops Of The TreesThe drownings return….boo hoo….
I haven’t done a lynching or drowning papercut in awhile.
I still own pitandgallows.com but my interest in portraying drowning women and lynched men has waned.
I think I’m still romantic about it, but it’s not the forefront it used to be.
This cut was actually inspired by my discovery of an archive of literally thousands of German silhouettes from the late 1800’s through the 1920’s.
Once you dismiss the 1/3 of cherub/pixie silhouettes, you are left with a weird mix of daily life, marriage proposals, moments of distress, flowers and for some strange 1900’s reason, children doing bizarre things like putting crows in bonnets and making them ride in a wagon.

Anyway, back to my cut….be free floating away…..

It's Too Late To Change Your MindI had a weird weekend.
I think I listened to the National too much on the drive home and in the days since.
That said, there were some minor plateaus.
Deconstructing industrial Chicago and weeds will influence and play a minor role in my future.
I’m not sure to what extent, but even a foot note or an after thought ¬†is worthwhile in the proposed idea.
I can’t downplay the importance of ¬†feelings of consideration whether they play out or not.

EnduranceA friend just achieved a monumental goal towards a lifetime dream.
I was glad to be a small part of it. She expressed many words, thoughts and metaphors along the way.
One of them had to do with Ernest Shackleton whom I’ve also been an amateur admirer of for several years.
This is to do with the correlative situations.

Summer Turns Into FallThis isn’t based entirely on the Magnetic Fields song, but listening to them certainly helped shape it. Perhaps I should have left the rose white and called it “So much for my green thumb”.
This is 4″ x 6″. I made a rough version of just the girl at 4″ tall that I liked quite a bit, but I’m still trying to finish some “small” things.
Also, the girl on her own conveys the wrong message completely.
Maybe I’ll do a larger version down the road.

Paper DollDoodles got old after a few hours so I put my head to hacking into the work computer so I could at least use the internet.

Lighthouses have been on my mind lately for several reasons. The most obvious of which is because I was just in one. Anyway, I made a couple of lighthouse papercuts last night which put me in the mood to watch ‘A Very Long Engagement’. It’s a favorite film of mine. While watching it, and trying to deny why I was really watching it, Marion Cotillard’s character kept reminding me of an old Ingrid Bergman film.
When I was able to get online this afternoon, I started browsing Bergman’s catalog and I also scrolled through several cute images of her.
I never found out which film my brain was referencing though.

Back to lighthouses…

BriarI decided to scan this drawing side up.
Not much to say about it.
I had “invalid credentials” at work today and couldn’t log in to a single thing, which included the computer.
I made several doodles but this is the only one I kept.
Lots going on here……