Once I Was Bending The Tops Of The TreesThe drownings return….boo hoo….
I haven’t done a lynching or drowning papercut in awhile.
I still own pitandgallows.com but my interest in portraying drowning women and lynched men has waned.
I think I’m still romantic about it, but it’s not the forefront it used to be.
This cut was actually inspired by my discovery of an archive of literally thousands of German silhouettes from the late 1800’s through the 1920’s.
Once you dismiss the 1/3 of cherub/pixie silhouettes, you are left with a weird mix of daily life, marriage proposals, moments of distress, flowers and for some strange 1900’s reason, children doing bizarre things like putting crows in bonnets and making them ride in a wagon.

Anyway, back to my cut….be free floating away…..