Hasenpfeffer ProvenanceEarlier this year (which seems silly to be saying in January) I was contacted by Victory Garden Initiative to contribute a piece for their upcoming Fruity Nutty Affair event. I was given a very wide window of themes: garden, food or fruit tree.
I was telling a friend recently that my first idea was a more realistic rabbit, eating vegetables in a garden with a hectic figure running towards it. I made a rough sketch and while I was in the process of developing the design further, it came to me that maybe I could ‘Milwaukeeize’ it somehow. For reasons only brain juices know, when my thoughts combined bunnies and Milwaukee, I thought of the Laverne & Shirley theme and was obviously drawn to the “hasenpfeffer incorporated” lyric. A few drafts later and here you go……
This piece will be part of a silent auction during Victory Garden’s  4th annual Fruity Nutty Affair which takes place on Feb. 22nd. The proceeds from the evening will go towards planting fruit and nut producing orchards (30 trees each) in 5 different neighborhoods.
Their goal is $5000. If you can not attend, please consider a donation.

The Cold Light of DayI finished another cut in the ‘Death & Burial of Cock Robin’ series that I’m messing around with.  This is inspired by the “Who saw him die?” verse. The next verse involves a fish catching blood in a dish. I haven’t had the time to give it much thought, but there is some pretty good potential with those three things.

Farewell, Lonely Emmeline
It’s a new year. Mine has had exactly one positive experience so far and a handful of tragedy. It’s time to take the best of 2013, hold it close, learn the lesson, wish it well and let it go.
Hello 2014. I guess I’m ready. Proceed…

Loneliness Reaches YouI’m sort of getting back on track with papercuts following my hectic work schedule throughout December followed by a nice New Year mini-vacation away from home with six great friends.  I’ve got 2 more cuts ready to go that I will hopefully have cut out over the weekend. One is another Cock Robin inspired image and the other is more typical of what I’ve been doing lately.  That, ‘forsaken children left to their own devices’ kind of thing.
I’d also like to say goodbye to Damen, the fluffiest little orange kitty in the world. Your love of silk pink ribbons knew no end and always made me smile. Goodnight little man…

I Can't Catch Up To You, But I Can Pull You DownI’m still working out some more ‘Death & Burial of Cock Robin’ images. I designed 4 versions of this. A couple of them were very complex, incorporating (I think) too many complex and hidden meanings. I designed a village background for this last one, but unfortunately the maudlin colors I had on hand just wouldn’t do. Maybe this will give me the opportunity to develop the remaining verses. I already have one for the fly.