Hasenpfeffer ProvenanceEarlier this year (which seems silly to be saying in January) I was contacted by Victory Garden Initiative to contribute a piece for their upcoming Fruity Nutty Affair event. I was given a very wide window of themes: garden, food or fruit tree.
I was telling a friend recently that my first idea was a more realistic rabbit, eating vegetables in a garden with a hectic figure running towards it. I made a rough sketch and while I was in the process of developing the design further, it came to me that maybe I could ‘Milwaukeeize’ it somehow. For reasons only brain juices know, when my thoughts combined bunnies and Milwaukee, I thought of the Laverne & Shirley theme and was obviously drawn to the “hasenpfeffer incorporated” lyric. A few drafts later and here you go……
This piece will be part of a silent auction during Victory Garden’s  4th annual Fruity Nutty Affair which takes place on Feb. 22nd. The proceeds from the evening will go towards planting fruit and nut producing orchards (30 trees each) in 5 different neighborhoods.
Their goal is $5000. If you can not attend, please consider a donation.