They Think You're So EmptyThis is my second attempt at a triptych.
I sold “Love Is Blind” at the Waxwing last spring, but I didn’t make much mention that it was my first.
This piece has movable parts!
It’s not obvious in the image above, but you can slide the two small papercuts together to conceal the large one.
Unfortunately this is so tiny that I’m having trouble getting the colored paper to stay in place.
In the end it may not work out, but if it does, I have two more of these frames, and I’m anxious to use them.
Obviously, it is based on old whaling songs, but the title is the point of view of the whale taken from a Low song about Nico.
Click to see larger.

Dorian Taj / Prichard / Honda Pavarotti Wounds You Never FeelChanging Plans
Last update before I run this stuff down to the Waxwing for their upcoming Mini Art show this Friday.
First off is the show poster for the Dorian Taj / Prichard / Honda Pavarotti show at the Hideout in Chicago. Initially they asked if they could use one of my old images to make their own poster, but after showing them a few ideas, they asked if I could just make the poster. I re-cut out a flag and added it to my papercut from last week. The original image with the scythe was very influenced by old Soviet propaganda posters, so I decided to go with the same idea for the poster. It has already been pointed out to me that the font I used bears no resemblance to actual Russian text, so… no need to remind me again.
Last week I had a conversation about my papercuts involving buried people, so I made two more. The first one is more symbolically buried and the second one is literal. I wanted to add a lot more detail to the second one, but the tiny size prevented me from doing it. Perhaps I’ll make a larger version of it later on.
I never had a chance to re-make the papercut with the crib that I ruined last week.
I still may attempt to do it again soon.

Foolishly MistakenThis started out with a blacksmith, anvil and sacred hearts, then it morphed into children at a door step.
I can’t explain how these things happen.
I’ll leave it up to you whether they are offering or asking.

Go In To The Night LightThis a variation of a much large design I made about a year ago, but never cut out,  for a friends birthday.

It’s pretty small 4 3/4″ x 3 1/4″
It’s not based on anything other than the standard ‘what’s under the bed’ thoughts everyone has at some point in their life.

UPDATE: this got ruined in the framing process. I’ll re-make it later and probably slightly different.

Burn Me Out From The InsideThis is the second small papercut I’ve done for the Waxwing show in a few weeks. It is completely based on Persephone mythology.
Not much else to say about it.
So, there you go.