Dorian Taj / Prichard / Honda Pavarotti Wounds You Never FeelChanging Plans
Last update before I run this stuff down to the Waxwing for their upcoming Mini Art show this Friday.
First off is the show poster for the Dorian Taj / Prichard / Honda Pavarotti show at the Hideout in Chicago. Initially they asked if they could use one of my old images to make their own poster, but after showing them a few ideas, they asked if I could just make the poster. I re-cut out a flag and added it to my papercut from last week. The original image with the scythe was very influenced by old Soviet propaganda posters, so I decided to go with the same idea for the poster. It has already been pointed out to me that the font I used bears no resemblance to actual Russian text, so… no need to remind me again.
Last week I had a conversation about my papercuts involving buried people, so I made two more. The first one is more symbolically buried and the second one is literal. I wanted to add a lot more detail to the second one, but the tiny size prevented me from doing it. Perhaps I’ll make a larger version of it later on.
I never had a chance to re-make the papercut with the crib that I ruined last week.
I still may attempt to do it again soon.