Made From Something Different

This is a commissioned piece I made for a friend.
The guidelines I was given were that it should include a fox, a raccoon, and a baby rabbit.
She left the composition up to me and this is what I came up with.
This is one of those pieces that looks much better in person.
I use textured paper that creates it’s own unique color and has depth & shadow. It is impossible to represent that effect on a digital screen.
I had to tweak some of the colors in Photoshop just so you can see the separation better, which isn’t necessary if you saw it in person.
This was my first raccoon and stork. I’m afraid I wont be making more raccoon’s any time soon.
It is too difficult to make them look unique.

OnceThis is a papercut I made of Frida Kahlo based on the picture of her when she was eleven.
It also includes elements of her painting “Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird”.

When you are shopping for a gift for someone who has everything by Frida Kahlo that you can find, it’s best just to make your own.

It's Moving Day

I designed this and about 4 others months ago, but then I shifted focus to making small papercuts for the Art Bar Show and the Waxwing shows In November.
I also worked on a commission over the last week, but I can’t post it until after the holiday.
Since I designed this so long ago, I don’t really remember what the inspiration was.
I was listening to Charlie Poole a lot as I was cutting it out, so I decided to use one of his song titles that seemed to fit with what little I remember about designing it.

The Ending Comes At NightI had to drive north to Green Bay yesterday and on the drive back home I was listening to music by my friend Eiren Caffall. I started reminiscing of a conversation we had the day we met about our favorite autoharp players.
We were both fond of Maybelle & Sara Carter and  Hazel Dickens.
I tried to make this with someone holding an autoharp, but you couldn’t tell what was going on. I found a picture of Maybelle Carter flat picking a guitar that more or less looks like the person in this papercut to use instead.
When trying to come up with ideas how to use it, I thought of music lighting up a gaslight instead of a flame.
This is the third translucent piece I’ve made using vellum and a floating frame.
I’ll attach of photo of it back-lit in a window.
(please excuse my dirty windows)Ending photo

Never Come BackI don’t think they were trying to convey the message that presents itself here, but this was created spending an evening listening to nothing but Danny Black and Christa Meyer lyrics.
Of course, who’s to say, we all like an epilogue.