The Ending Comes At NightI had to drive north to Green Bay yesterday and on the drive back home I was listening to music by my friend Eiren Caffall. I started reminiscing of a conversation we had the day we met about our favorite autoharp players.
We were both fond of Maybelle & Sara Carter and  Hazel Dickens.
I tried to make this with someone holding an autoharp, but you couldn’t tell what was going on. I found a picture of Maybelle Carter flat picking a guitar that more or less looks like the person in this papercut to use instead.
When trying to come up with ideas how to use it, I thought of music lighting up a gaslight instead of a flame.
This is the third translucent piece I’ve made using vellum and a floating frame.
I’ll attach of photo of it back-lit in a window.
(please excuse my dirty windows)Ending photo