Make Me Whole AgainYep, it’s another ‘capitalizing on the naive’ papercut.
I was looking up natural deterrents for mice the other day.
I was not having much luck so I looked up natural plants that were toxic for them thinking that they might be a good deterrent.  Again, not much luck.
I changed my search from mice to rats and learned that poppy seeds will kill rats.
I though it would be amusing to make an image of someone offering a feeble-minded rat a poppy pod bouquet.
It’s a little difficult to tell, but she is supposed to be holding a tissue in her other hand.

The Ending Comes At NightI had to drive north to Green Bay yesterday and on the drive back home I was listening to music by my friend Eiren Caffall. I started reminiscing of a conversation we had the day we met about our favorite autoharp players.
We were both fond of Maybelle & Sara Carter and  Hazel Dickens.
I tried to make this with someone holding an autoharp, but you couldn’t tell what was going on. I found a picture of Maybelle Carter flat picking a guitar that more or less looks like the person in this papercut to use instead.
When trying to come up with ideas how to use it, I thought of music lighting up a gaslight instead of a flame.
This is the third translucent piece I’ve made using vellum and a floating frame.
I’ll attach of photo of it back-lit in a window.
(please excuse my dirty windows)Ending photo

Postcard Boxes: Volumes 1-3I took a break from making work for the “tiny art” show so that I could finish designing fronts and backs for collections of my postcards.
I decided to use original art that I hadn’t used for other purposes before and Katurah and I finalized the design and layout over the weekend.
Each volume will contain 10 sequential postcards & envelopes, plus the front and back cards and will housed in an acrylic box similar to most card collections. All postcards are the same as the ones I have for sale with the exception of #1, which is out of print, and #21, which was a limited edition.  They will contain slightly different reprints of those two.
With luck, these should be for sale in about 2 weeks.
See a larger image here.

It Must Be Time For PenitenceI wasn’t exactly sure how to post this image. Normally I would not show the finished work framed, but I made this papercut specifically for this frame and there are elements in the cut that are meant to be hidden behind the wooden separations.
I have several frames like this only larger. This frame is 5″ x 10″ and the actual papercut is 3″ x 7″.
Basically this was my small experiment on how to possibly make one of these on a larger scale.
Normally I like to think that these speak for them selves, but this one actually looks better in person than it does in this representation.
I will try and take more photos. If one of them turns out, I will post it on my Facebook page on Monday.

Available WorksI took 9 new pieces to the Waxwing today. This photo was everything that was available when I was there a few hours ago. I know one, maybe two, are already sold. The piece with the bunny in a gas mask comes with the 78 that I sprayed the image on. Unfortunately I forgot to bring the record with me, so if you are interested in buying it, I should hopefully have the record there by Sunday. You can see the record here.
I have piles of records and wood scrap that I paint on. I’ve given about four of them away to friends, but I thought I’d include one to go along with the papercut because I liked the way the paint stained it.
I also restocked the shop with most of my postcards. I will have new postcards next month and hopefully postcard box collections before the holidays.

Stand Up Coming Years About a month ago I made a papercut that I called “Fears Will Pierce Your Bones“. Shortly after I posted it, a friend asked if they could buy it. Instead, I decided to re-work the design incorporating translucent paper so it could be displayed in a window and gave it to them as a gift. Below is a photo of it illuminated by a candle.

Stand Up Coming Years (photo)

We Took A Wrong Turn and Made Some Mistakes (wood)Things I learned over the weekend:
1. Sanding causes heat
2. Poly-acrylic softens when it gets warm
3. Softened poly-acrylic will stick to sand paper and rip off in strips.
Another example in ‘the frustratingly slow learning curve of being self taught’ waste bin.