Amity SkateboardsLast summer Amity Skateboards approached me to design a skateboard for them.
Having wanted to design my own skateboard since I was a teenager, I obviously jumped on the opportunity.
The first version of the design I made is now available. I can’t wait to get my hands (and feet) on one of these.
I’m looking forward to teaching some little people how to pass their time the same way I did.
Buy it here. 

They Think You're So EmptyThis is my second attempt at a triptych.
I sold “Love Is Blind” at the Waxwing last spring, but I didn’t make much mention that it was my first.
This piece has movable parts!
It’s not obvious in the image above, but you can slide the two small papercuts together to conceal the large one.
Unfortunately this is so tiny that I’m having trouble getting the colored paper to stay in place.
In the end it may not work out, but if it does, I have two more of these frames, and I’m anxious to use them.
Obviously, it is based on old whaling songs, but the title is the point of view of the whale taken from a Low song about Nico.
Click to see larger.

Nobody's Baby NichoNobody's Baby Nicho Nobody's Baby Nicho (back)What do you do when your cold is preventing you from using a razor blade to make new things?
You use chop saws, scroll saws, drills, scrap wood and spray paint; much more safe.

I've Got Someone To Dream AboutI finally updated the gallery of negative images from me painting on wood. Access the entire gallery here: wood
This is everything. There are a couple I gave away before scanning them but I think that amounts to only 2 or 3.
About 1 in 5 times, this doesn’t work. The paint soaks through, or runs or is too subtle to make a memorable image. That accounts for there not being one for everything.
Oh, or they are too large. The cuts I made for friends that are larger than 20″ were painted on paper and not wood.

We Took A Wrong Turn and Made Some Mistakes (wood)Things I learned over the weekend:
1. Sanding causes heat
2. Poly-acrylic softens when it gets warm
3. Softened poly-acrylic will stick to sand paper and rip off in strips.
Another example in ‘the frustratingly slow learning curve of being self taught’ waste bin.

Once I Was Bending The Tops Of The Trees (wood)A month ago I made a papercut that was inspired very much by a friend. It meant a lot to me so I wanted to keep it but I also wanted to share it with them. Normally I paint my papercuts on top of blank paper. I will usually keep these so I have some sort of keep sake for the things I give away. In this instance the background paper didn’t seem to be enough so I had the idea of re-painting it over wood. It worked out very well and she was happy to receive it. Since then I have made 5 more. This is the most recent. In the past month I have also learned what not to do otherwise I could say that I’d made 9 of these. Water based poly-acrylic on top of water based spray paint doesn’t work well. You get a big messy blur. I hope to post more of these in the future. Unfortunately, since they are extremely glossy, sometimes they don’t photograph or scan very well.