Once I Was Bending The Tops Of The Trees (wood)A month ago I made a papercut that was inspired very much by a friend. It meant a lot to me so I wanted to keep it but I also wanted to share it with them. Normally I paint my papercuts on top of blank paper. I will usually keep these so I have some sort of keep sake for the things I give away. In this instance the background paper didn’t seem to be enough so I had the idea of re-painting it over wood. It worked out very well and she was happy to receive it. Since then I have made 5 more. This is the most recent. In the past month I have also learned what not to do otherwise I could say that I’d made 9 of these. Water based poly-acrylic on top of water based spray paint doesn’t work well. You get a big messy blur. I hope to post more of these in the future. Unfortunately, since they are extremely glossy, sometimes they don’t photograph or scan very well.