Tattoo MkIIA couple months ago a girl I had never met e-mailed me to inquire about me designing a tattoo for her. The design was up to me as long as it contained a few specific elements.
I came up with a design involving some birds perched in a birch forest with a fallen tree.
That cut is now lost, probably not to be found.
I need to remind myself that if I’m going to stick them in magazines, then I should make sure it is a magazine I’m likely to keep.
Oh well.
Anyway, she liked it, but not as a tattoo.
This was my second design.
Again, she liked it, but it was missing something. She suggested that we collaborate on it and that might have a result more preferred to what she had in mind.
I told her (I think) that maybe down the road we could attempt that but I was about to be really busy with other projects.
Around the same time all of this was happening, a good friend contacted me about designing a tattoo for him, and then another and then another…..