Rimy Weaver Record

I’m in the middle of finishing up a larger papercut and a bigger sized design to cut at a later date and I felt like it had been too long since I posted anything. Since I might not for a little bit, I dug around for something worthwhile…
I mentioned that I have anywhere from 150-200 crappy 78’s that I ended up with one way or another and that I was going to start using them as backgrounds instead of wood. I’ve tried it out with 4. Here is one of them.
The one I made of the Ostara cut for the equinox last week turned out the best, but I thought it would be boring to post the same image twice. I also discovered with the one that I made from the Black Arches cut that they break quite easily.

Emancipated HartThis is my second tiny thing in a row. It’s 4″ x 3″.
I just have so many cool small frames to fill.
I ought to call it quits on lanterns.
I seem to obsess.
Hooray genetics!

Do you have any pomegranates?I’ve been reading “Notebooks, Collections & Other Obsessions” by Guillermo Del Toro. When I reached the Pan’s Labyrinth section, I started wondering about female fauns because I’d never read about any. After washing it around in my head for 2 days I decided to consult Wikipedia (yes, it seriously took 2 days) and I discovered Fauna. She is the daughter (sometimes wife) of Faunus (aka Pan) and she can foretell the future, sings “fates” to women and nurtures all that is useful to living creatures.  My idea of what is “useful” to living creatures went on a rampage of ridiculous themes but I kept coming back to this idea of  Nachash going to Fauna for advice on how to rid the world of the plague of people.
This papercut is incredibly small. The black part measures 3″ x 3″. Nachash is about 1 mm thick. Please forgive the lack of detail. It’s tiny.

Under The Black Arches (Goodnight Sweetheart)I have about 150 78’s that are music that I’m not really into. Mainly polka and awful crooners from the 40’s & 50’s. That’s what happen’s when you buy lots of 78’s just to get the one or two decent ones in the pile. I’m currently out of the wood panels that I have been painting these on, so I decided to try using my pile of crap 78’s instead. It worked out pretty well and I may try a few more. The B-side of the 78 I painted this on is called “Goodnight Sweetheart”. I thought it was too good not to use in the title since it wasn’t something I planned.
I’m not completely satisfied with the gray I used here, but it was the best one I had on hand. If I can find one that works better, I’ll probably use it.