Do you have any pomegranates?I’ve been reading “Notebooks, Collections & Other Obsessions” by Guillermo Del Toro. When I reached the Pan’s Labyrinth section, I started wondering about female fauns because I’d never read about any. After washing it around in my head for 2 days I decided to consult Wikipedia (yes, it seriously took 2 days) and I discovered Fauna. She is the daughter (sometimes wife) of Faunus (aka Pan) and she can foretell the future, sings “fates” to women and nurtures all that is useful to living creatures.  My idea of what is “useful” to living creatures went on a rampage of ridiculous themes but I kept coming back to this idea of  Nachash going to Fauna for advice on how to rid the world of the plague of people.
This papercut is incredibly small. The black part measures 3″ x 3″. Nachash is about 1 mm thick. Please forgive the lack of detail. It’s tiny.