Under The Black Arches (Goodnight Sweetheart)I have about 150 78’s that are music that I’m not really into. Mainly polka and awful crooners from the 40’s & 50’s. That’s what happen’s when you buy lots of 78’s just to get the one or two decent ones in the pile. I’m currently out of the wood panels that I have been painting these on, so I decided to try using my pile of crap 78’s instead. It worked out pretty well and I may try a few more. The B-side of the 78 I painted this on is called “Goodnight Sweetheart”. I thought it was too good not to use in the title since it wasn’t something I planned.
I’m not completely satisfied with the gray I used here, but it was the best one I had on hand. If I can find one that works better, I’ll probably use it.