You Must Have Known I'd Do ThisA few years ago I made a series called Love Is Blind using these same two characters. I cut out the final image with the removed heart and the word “Blind” incorporated in the mix. I had just received my dad’s old laptop at the time and that was what I designed them on. Before I could cut out the “Love” and “Is” images, the computer crashed and I lost everything. Luckily I had sent a friend a crappy small jpeg of my idea. I used that to rebuild the set over the weekend. I updated them by removing the words, adding color, placing them in the woods and considerably reducing the size. The original “Blind” image is in my “Scherenschnitte” folder on my personal FB page if you are curious. I’ve never done a series before where the background was exactly the same. Cutting the same background thee times wasn’t hard, but it was very boring and I got a little lazy by image 3. I doubt I’ll do this again.