The Winter My Heart FrozeThis is a partial remainder of a calender I had been working on back in 2012. I was going to do the images for 6 months and the cover. Originally this border of squirrels, rib cages & feathers was going to be the cover and there was a different image in the center. Shortly after I finished the papercuts for the individual months, the project fell through and I parted ways with the partner creating the other 6 months. Over December of 2012 I changed the image in the center and cut this out. Right after I finished it, I was commissioned to create an elaborate tour poster that took me a few months to do and this got filed away and forgotten. I was organizing some paper on my floor last week (does anyone want to give me a flat file?) and I came across the portfolio case I keep several old papercuts in. Going through everything, I decided I should take this one out, frame it and take it down to the Waxwing.
I have dozens of old papercuts, but the second half of 2012 was when I started making them detailed and elaborate enough that people other than friends might want them. The best of the calender cuts are all gone, so this will probably be the oldest piece of work I ever sell. It’s at the Waxwing now, unless someone bought it Saturday or Sunday.