Grief Laid It's Heavy Hand The idea for this came to me yesterday while I was Googling “Internal Whale Organs”.
Years ago I made a papercut of a little kid by a campfire inside of whale and I wanted to remake it in a style more representative of the work I do now. In my original I just used a cartoon bubble void for the kid to be sitting in, but I was curious if the actual shape of a whales stomach could be used instead. For some reason generic teeth kept popping up among the images of whale stomachs. Eventually I though to myself, “What would live inside a tooth?” and I amusingly answered the thought with, “dead faeries”. I couldn’t shake the idea, so I made one.
I was watching “Number Please” by Harold Lloyd last night. In the beginning he is lonely and riding a roller-coaster by himself.
The title of this was in the description of how he was feeling.